• January 10th, 2012

    Wow! It's Our Fifth Birthday!

    Help us celebrate five great years with a HUGE discount on our newest offering, The Happy Birthday Tower. Regularly priced at $75, for a limited time we’re offering this behemoth of a package for only $40! Three cheery boxes brim with 16 gourmet cookies, six rich and fudgy brownies, and one pound of our handmade Chocolate Swirl Almond Toffee.

    You can place an order for the Happy Birthday Tower now, and set any delivery date for the future – we’ll take care of the rest. Schedule an entire year’s worth of birthdays, if you like! Use code HSBBDAY at checkout to get the discounted price, but act fast, because once we blow out the candles, this offer will be gone!

    *IMPORTANT OFFER DETAILS: Limited time offer. Discount applies to merchandise only. Cannot be used retroactively or combined with any other offer, coupon or discount. Offer not valid on Corporate orders or Monthly Sweet Treat Subscriptions.

  • New Centerpieces are coming!
    April 9th, 2010

    Over at Harvard Sweet Boutique we’ve been busy cooking up fresh new centerpiece concepts that feature our beautiful boxed favors full of gourmet sweets. Our unique approach to table décor has become a favored approach of event planners for saving money without sacrificing style.

    We’ve covered lots of new ground, including Sweet 16 parties, Summer celebrations and more. With exciting new packaging and unique styling ideas, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your upcoming occasion. Check back soon for new photos, pricing and details!

  • NEW ITEM: The Bright Lights Bundle
    October 20th, 2009

    bright-lights-bundle_lgNever satisfied to rest on our laurels, we have developed yet another versatile collection full of delicious treats, suitable for any number of gift-giving occasions. The Bright Lights Bundle is a stack of two brightly colored, foil-finish keepsake boxes. The large box is filled with eight assorted jumbo cookies and the small box contains 6 oz. of our crunchy milk chocolate almond toffee. Got any birthdays, anniversaries or thank yous coming up? Maybe a sick friend who could use some cheery “get well” wishes? Customize your order with a personal message to make this gift really special.

  • Belated Gift-Giving 101
    October 8th, 2009


    Now you’ve done it. How could you have forgotten that birthday? More importantly, how are you going to fix it? You’ll be surprised how easy it is to turn this blunder into a benefit. Just take a hint from the following list of tips for making the most of the situation:

    CHARM THEIR PANTS OFF: Spend a few minutes coming up with a well-written, heartfelt note to include with your gift. The note should express your joy at being part of the person’s life, or reminisce about a warm memory. The time you take to make it personal will disarm and charm the recipient, taking the focus off of the late date and planting it firmly on your genuine presentation.

    GO THE EXTRA MILE: If one gift is good, two are better, right? Instead of giving a single gift, include a “bonus” with your selected present. Think cookies AND flowers. Or balloons. Or jewelry. Or a gift certificate. It’s the “something for now and something for later” approach–the gift that keeps on giving, long after they’ve forgotten that you were forgetful.

    I WAS LATE, SO I OWE YOU A DATE: Once you are done asking for forgiveness, move quickly to set a date and treat the recipient to a special meet-up with you. It could be for an ice cream, a night at the movies, or, if you really feel contrite, a fancy dinner (home-cooked might earn you even more points than a night out at Chez Fancy-Fance, depending on how good of a chef you are!) Just make sure you actually hand them a gift at some point, whether it’s before or during your meet-up. There’s simply no substitute for that special feeling they’ll get when you put a little something in their hands.

    USE YOUR RESOURCES: When that moment comes that you realize you’ve let the occasion slip by, one of the quickest ways to mitigate the error is to contact a professional gift company and get something delivered. There’s something about getting a delivery of flowers, candy or cookies that makes people feel really special. So special, in fact, they might not even realize the delivery was tardy. Combine this approach with one of the above items, and you’ll be forever considered a pro in the gift-giving department.

  • Celebrate With Cookies!
    September 2nd, 2009
    Celebrate With Cookies

    Celebrate With Cookies

    Just when you were out of ideas for a gift to send in celebration of that special friend or family member…Harvard Sweet Boutique is here to offer a pleasing new package with perfect proportions! Celebrate with Cookies is our latest design, inspired by the never-ending need to have ready at arm’s length the perfect birthday, anniversary or get-well gift. This pair of brightly-colored, metallic-finish boxes comes chock full of eight jumbo cookies and six mini cookies, and is suitable for anyone, from age nine to ninety!


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